Our Founder & Philosophy

Aviation Consultancy Aerossurance was founded in 2014 by Andy Evans

Andy Evans has a diverse professional background, having worked in senior nominated post holder positions in air operators & design organisations, been a safety regulator and advised blue chip multinationals on the procurement & oversight of aircraft and air services.  This means he has a uniquely holistic aviation perspective. He also has a relatively unique combination of experience.  It ranges from highly technical airworthiness, operational, safety, regulatory and contractual matters through to human factors, safety leadership and organisational culture development (example: Beyond SMS). That experience is truly global, having worked on projects on every continent and spans civil and military aviation domains.

I founded Aerossurance to be a trusted and agile source of insightful, independent, practical skills and expertise for our customers.  Some consultancies boast they are world leaders:  At Aerossurance our mission is to use our skills and expertise to help our customers be world leaders.

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Our relationship with our customers is about helping them solve their problems and exploit their own improvement opportunities collaboratively.  We see our customers as fellow professionals needing focused, high quality assistance they can trust, not as a business development opportunity to pyramid sell inexperienced trainees, software or training.  We help our customers reflect, learn and improve, not become dependent.

As an ex-regulator who has subsequently been a post holder for multiple different approvals I know that regulations are only a minimum standard.  While regulatory compliance must be achieved that doesn’t mean it is the basis of operational excellence.

Operational excellence is a combination of both day-to-day performance and the underlying health of the organisation (including the quality of leadership, the effectiveness of its tools and processes, the competence of its people and the organisation’s culture).   We know our customers value our proven expertise and our ability to deliver on our promises. We help our customers succeed through the quality of consultancy not the quantity of consultants.

We are privately owned by shareholders who share our values and we have neither bloated infrastructure nor non-valuing adding staff to support.  As a consequence we can deliver excellence affordably.

To achieve and maintain excellence, continuous improvement is critical and we believe in delivering innovative, optimised solutions not just average, formulaic, off-the-shelf solutions.  Discerning customers know that 10 year old industry practices are no longer good enough nor are gimmicky models.

From the beginning, when needed, we have collaborated with trusted partners, respected in their fields of expertise, to allow us to deliver highly optimised, integrated solutions promptly and cost effectively.

We feel its important to volunteer our time to actively support a number of industry & professional associations and safety initiatives.

Aerossurance are also signatories to the Armed Forces Covenant.

Andy Evans has an MSc in Manufacturing, Management & Technology, from The Open University and a BEng(Hons) in Aeronautical Engineering from Hatfield Polytechnic.  He is a:

You can find Andy Evans’ full biography on LinkedIn.

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