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Aerossurance is an aviation consultancy specialising in helping organisations procure & assure aviation services.  Aerossurance is based in Aberdeen, Scotland and supports customers with aviation advice globally.

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Night Offshore Helicopter Approach Water Impact

A night visual approach resulted in illusions that resulted in a water impact. Everyone on board was rescued but not before highlighting many survivability & SAR enhancements, as well as triggering improved helideck lighting and TAWS improvements.

Night Offshore Take-Off Loss of Control Incident

A 40s loss of control occurred during the transition from visual to instrument flight during a disorientating night offshore TO without an external horizon.

Air Ambulance Night Wirestrike at Poorly Chosen Landing Site

A Fire Dept set up a landing site at night under the edge of powerlines. The HEMS pilot looked for the wires using NVGs but could only see the towers.