To support the UK MOD, Defence Equipment & Support (DE&S) Project Teams, their Front Line Command (FLC) customers & their suppliers, Aerossurance has extensive experience with recent Military Type Certifications, modification & trials programmes and the operation of military platforms.  We understand the UK MAA Regulatory Publications (MRPs) & their implications.

Aerossurance can provide airworthiness expertise in the areas of:

  • Military Type Certification to the UK MAA RA1500 Military Aircraft Certification Process (MACP), including for civil derivative types, assessing the ‘military deltas’ of configuration & usage
  • Technical & contracting guidance on the MRPs & the MAA regulatory process
  • Preparation & review of Alternative Acceptable Means of Compliance (A-AMCs)
  • Independent Technical Evaluation & Independent Safety Auditor services
  • Establishing & managing Military Registered Civil Owned Aircraft (MRCOA) & civil oversight arrangements (as per UK MAA RA1124 and UK CAA Leaflet B-40)
  • Gaining & maintain DAOS & MAOS approvals
  • Determining the contractual and procedural implications of changes in the MRPs
  • Oversight of transitionary arrangements for privatised activities
  • Establishing internal airworthiness procedures
  • Internal quality system audit & MRP compliance verification

Aerossurance is proud to support the armed forces community be being a signatory of the Armed Forces Corporate Covenant.