Aerossurance can support aviation activity worldwide on an ad hoc project or a retained basis.

Aerossurance services include:

Aviation contracting support services

Aerossurance can help identify requirements, developing Invitations To Tender, managing competitions, evaluating results and finalising contracts.

Aerossurance has helped clients confidently contract for over 100 aircraft and their operation & maintenance, on contracts from a few weeks to 13 years long, worth c £1.5 billion.

Once contracted, Aerossurance can provide specialist aviation SME support to monitor supplier performance, advise on in-service events & provide on-going assurance activity.  We take a risk based approach to provide assurance.

Risk assessment

Aerossurance is skilled in facilitating, providing aviation subject matter expertise and delivery of risk assessment workshops & studies.  As well as air safety hazards, Aerossurance is skilled in assessment of the wider implications of aviation use (for example in relation to medevac or search and rescue capabilities and the effect on the required emergency response & medical provision at remote sites)

Safety leadership & safety culture development

Aerossurance also has unique expertise in safety leadership development & safety culture development projects for those wishing to move beyond compliance.  Aerossurance is experience in conducting cultural surveys & evaluations. We also are skilled at designing training to support safety leadership development & designing award winning change campaigns to successfully influence organisational culture & improve the safety culture in particular.

Independent safety auditing, quality auditing, compliance monitoring, organisational / performance review & culture evaluation

Aerossurance is able to conduct thorough audits or reviews of your operations or your suppliers.  These can consider compliance with regulations or contracts, the effectiveness of the activities examined,  the underlying corporate safety culture and opportunities for improvement.  These can be fully independent audits or reviews, or as out-sourced support working to your own audit or review process.

Aerossurance can provide auditors with auditor experience in regulators and approved organisations, who have previously been accredited by the International Business Aviation Council (IBAC) to conduct International Standard – Business Aviation Operations (IS-BAO) fixed wing & rotary wing audits (dual qualified for both operations & engineering) and by the Flight Safety Foundation (FSF) for Basic Aviation Risk Standard (BARS) audits.

We also have wide experience assessing and advising on safety culture development.

Independent technical evaluation, compliance verification & inspection

Aerossurance is expert in conducting thorough independent review & technical evaluation of engineering & other reports, risk assessments, safety cases, policies, processes, procedures & manuals.  Aerossurance can inspect aircraft, airfields, helidecks & other infrastructure, along with the associated support services.  Aerossurance can provide Compliance Verification Engineer certification support to design organisations and technical evaluation, approvals and certification expertise for regulators.

Aircraft continuing airworthiness support & health monitoring

Aerossurance provides advice on continuing airworthiness matters to aircraft owners & customers for aircraft services.  Aerossurance can also provide a range of specialist expertise to CAMOs.  In particular Aerossurance can add valuable insight on matters that relate to design, aircraft type certification & regulation.  Aerossurance has extensive experience with Military Registered Civil Owned Aircraft (MRCOA) arrangements.  Aerossurance are also leaders in Health & Usage Monitoring System (HUMS) / Vibration Health Monitoring (VHM) management.

Aircraft type airworthiness, design & certification support

Aerossurance provides specialist advice on aircraft certification, test, evaluation, selection & performance, aircraft modifications, human factors and in-service continued airworthiness issues to help customers for aircraft and aircraft services to understand the implications of their choices and the underlying risk.  Aerossurance can also provide Office of Airworthiness support to design organisations & certification expertise for regulators.

Accident / safety investigation & analysis

Aerossurance is experienced in the independent investigation & reporting on all levels of occurrence from minor incidents to major accidents, encompassing all aspects, from mechanical failures to human factors.  We ensure insightful identification of key lessons & safety improvement recommendations.  Aerossurance can also deliver wider safety analysis studies looking at multiple occurrences or reviewing previous investigation reports.  Our work may be to help inform risk assessments, drive improvement, provide post-occurrence assurance & return to service plans or help resolve matters of liability.

Management system development

Aerossurance has experience managing the development of  safety management system / quality system / procedural implementations & updates. These have ranged from routine continuous improvement to radical reorganisation & upgrade.  We recognise the vital importance of doing such projects in close cooperation with the intended owners & users of such procedures.

Safety management software solutions

Aerossurance has long experience with the procurement & implementation of user-friendly software solutions for safety management.  We understand that effective collection & mining of safety data is essential for effective safety management don’t confuse a safety management system with software.

Project management

Aerossurance has experience project managing trials, modification programmes, research, new aircraft introductions, new service contract implementations, quality system changes, safety initiatives & other change projects.

Interim management

Particularly when filling key postholder & management positions at short notice it’s vital to have a robust transition plan in place when recruiting & inducting replacements.  Aerossurance can help de-risk that process by providing an Interim management service, offering personnel with the right qualifications & experience to be acceptable to regulators (for example as Form 4 holders), to bridge the gap & ease the hand-over process.

Learning & development: design & delivery

Aerossurance has a proven capability to design & deliver a wide range of training, coaching & mentoring on aviation technical, leadership & cultural development matters.  We recognise that training is a means not an end nor is it only means of learning & development.

Mentoring & coaching key personnel

Aerossurance is able to provide high impact coaching & mentoring support to key postholders, managers & specialists.  This can be particularly valuable when personnel are promoted into new roles with greater responsibilities where mature employers recognise the value of providing support.

Expert witness

Aerossurance has successfully provided expert witness reports and testimony on a range of aviation engineering, operational, safety & organisational matters.