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Aerossurance are an aviation consultancy specialising in air safety, airworthiness, aviation regulation, expert witness & aviation contracting support services.  Aerossurance is based in Aberdeen, Scotland and supports customers with aviation advice globally.


Safety / risk management & airworthiness


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Accident / safety investigation & analysis

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Tight Cable Tie Nose Gear Jam

Damage to a harness by a rigid tie wrap was enough to eventually cause a nose landing gear jam, in a previously not foreseen failure mode.

“Shoulda gone around”: B727 Landing with NLG Retracted

A failure to report a defect during the previous flight and an Aircraft Commander who ignored concerns from his crew feature in this accident that feels like it is from a pre-CRM era.

Taiwan Night Medevac Helicopter Take Off Accident

Loss of Control In-flight, high descent rate and water impact.

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Some consultancies boast they are world leaders. At Aerossurance our mission is to use our skills and expertise to help our customers be world leaders.