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Aerossurance are an aviation consultancy specialising in air safety, airworthiness, aviation regulation, expert witness & aviation contracting support services.  Aerossurance is based in Aberdeen, Scotland and supports customers with aviation advice globally.


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AOA Anomalies on Successive B737-800 Flights

The BEA look as production, maintenance fault-finding and flight operations lessons from a pair of incidents involving the AOA sensors on a Transavia Boeing 737-800.

Short Sling Stings Speedy Squirrel: Tail Rotor Strike Fire-Fighting in Réunion

Just because a company does the job one way for 30 years and has a 10k hour pilot doesn’t guarantee success. Techniques changed overnight after this accident. Once the tail rotor was catastrophically damaged, the consequences may have been reduced by the Bambi Bucket being a drag chute.

Embraer ERJ-190 EWIS Production Quality a Factor in Fire

Investigators identified chafing due to production errors but also highlight the first maintenance inspection was not scheduled until 36000 flying hours and there was poor guidance of when to use a fire axe to aid fire-fighting.

We provide aviation expertise & assurance you can trust.

Our clients include customers for aviation services (such as oil & gas and renewable energy companies and government agencies such as the military, Coast Guard and other parapublic agencies), approved aviation organisations (such as airlines, design and maintenance organisations), aviation regulators (civil and military) and the aviation legal & insurance sectors.

Aero (as in 'aerospace' and 'aeronautical') + Assurance (as in 'giving confidence') = Aerossurance

Some consultancies boast THEY are world leaders. At Aerossurance our mission is to use our skills and expertise to help OUR CUSTOMERS be world leaders.

Our proven expertise covers a whole range of specialist aviation areas including Search and Rescue (SAR), Helicopter External Sling Load Operations (HESLO), Helicopter Emergency Medical Services (HEMS), maritime and environmental surveillance, aerial spraying, Humanitarian and Disaster Relief (HADR), UAS/RPAS/Drones as well as more conventional helicopter, airline and military operations.