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Aerossurance are an aviation consultancy specialising in air safety, airworthiness, aviation regulation, expert witness & aviation contracting support services.  Aerossurance is based in Aberdeen, Scotland and supports customers with aviation advice globally.


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EC135 Spatial Disorientation Accident

During a practice IMC approach this HEMS helicopter started to make a go-around but rapidly there was a loss of control and it impacted the ground. NTSB believe the pilot was task saturated and became spatial disorientated.

ATR72 Missed Damage: Maintenance Lessons

Unclear communications, shift handover & roles and responsibilities, complacency about fatigue and failure to use access equipment all feature in this serious incident.

Glider Controls Fail After Non Compliant Maintenance Embodying an AD

Errors embodying an AD resulted in a loss of air break control.

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