New Helicopter Cargo Loading System

New Helicopter Cargo Loading System

Dutch engineering company VRR is working with AgustaWestland to design a helicopter Cabin Cargo Container and Restraint System for the AW139 helicopter, anticipating it will be of interest in the offshore oil and gas industry for transport of spares and equipment.  Certainly with a large drillship costing $500k per day to charter and the largest production platforms producing more than $10mn per day, there can be times when key equipment really does need to be delivered by helicopter.

The company explains:

The solution will come in two parts: the AW139 Restraint System and the AW139 Cabin Cargo Container.

The restraint system can easily be installed by just two people. The restraint system is designed to hold the cargo container which has two side doors (left and right) and a lid for convenient loading and unloading. The side doors will allow access to the container while it is still in the helicopter. The base will have fork pockets, so it can be handled by a forklift truck.

…we’re constructing this container from fire resistant materials. We’re also equipping it with a smoke detector, a fire indicator light and a switch, plus a quick release connection to connect a fire extinguisher. Both the lid and the doors will be equipped with rubber seals to prevent leakages of chemicals used in fire suppression systems. The door locks will also have custom sealing provisions to prevent unauthorised access to the container.

It is not yet clear what tie downs will be available inside the container to secure heavy loads such as valves and motors.

Rotterdam based VRR, founded in 1946, specialises in designing and manufacturing air cargo equipment such as Unit Load Devices (ULDs).

The company has previously designed a pallet system for the AW101.

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