OGP Safety Performance Indicators 2013

UPDATE: This article has been reviewed and updated since the publication of OGP’s V1.1 reports adding details that our first edition highlighted were missing. Follow us on LinkedIn for our latest updates.


The International Association of Oil & Gas Producers (OGP) has published their annual safety performance review.  Earlier 2012 data is here. The OGP members who contribute reported details of 80 fatalities worldwide in 2013 (down from 88 the previous year).  Of these 47 were onshore and 33 offshore.  The fatal accident rate was 11% lower than 2012 and the Total Recordable Injury Rate was 8% lower. For those interest in aviation safety in the OGP domain: there were 17 fatalities in 2 helicopter accidents, making air transport the category of activity with the highest number of fatalities with 21.% of the total (up from 2.3% in 2012 when there were just 2 aviation fatalities when two crew died when a B212 seismic helicopter crashed on its approach to a landing zone in a forested area of Gabon). The detailed list of fatal events describes:

  1. the loss of a Mi-8 of Helicópteros del Pacífico OB-1916-P onshore in Peru in April 2013 with the loss 4 crew and 9 passengers
  2. the loss of a CHC AS332L2 G-WNSB and 4 passengers off Sumburgh, Scotland in August 2013

In the case of the Peruvian accident two recommendations are reported: a) hire an aviation specialist to monitor audit findings and b) to replace this family of helicopters.

It is also stated that 1.7% of lost work day cases (i.e. 27) are related to air transport (20 offshore and 7 onshore), up from just 0.5% in 2012. In the listing of high potential events are basic details of:

  • A ground collision between a taxying B1900 and a parked ATR42 in Yemen that does not seem to have been reported publically elsewhere
  • The loss of a passenger door from an AS365N helicopter in Tunisia

UPDATE November 2014: OGP is now IOGP.

For advice on aviation safety & contracting for the oil and gas industry and first hand expertise with the IOGP Aviation Management Guidelines (Publication 390), contact: enquiries@aerossurance.com

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