Safety Management International Collaboration Group Industry Day

The Safety Management International Collaboration Group (SM ICG) held its fourth Industry Day with representatives from 27 European aviation industry organizations on 16 May 2014 in Bern, Switzerland.  The SMICG is a group of 14 aviation regulatory bodies, formed in 2009 to promote a common understanding of safety management principles and requirements, facilitating their application across the international aviation community.


A320 at Iquitos in Peru (Credit: Andy Evans)

The speakers at the fourth Industry Day were:

Details of previous events in 2013 can be found here:

UPDATE January 2015: First SMICG ‘Industry Day’ Outreach Event Held in South America

The SMICG held its fifth Industry Day with representatives from 15 South and Central American aviation industry organizations and one European company on 12 December 2014 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The materials from this session are linked below:

UPDATE August 2015: Sixth SMICG ‘Industry Day’ in Cologne

The SMICG held its sixth Industry Day on 22 May 2015 at EASA in Cologne with representatives from 41 organisations. Jean-Marc Cluzeau from the Strategy and Safety Management Directorate at EASA welcomed participants saying:

Safety promotion and training are key issues and we are working on these…We are eager to work with [industry] and learn from your safety management experience from the field. We know you will continue to inspire use on this SMS journey.

The materials from this session are linked below:


H175 (Credit: Airbus Helicopters)

Gian-Andrea Bandieri commented:

The intent of SM ICG documentation is understood and organizations are adapting products to suit their needs.

The current SM ICG Chair, Edmund Bohland, Deputy Head of the Policy and Planning Department at EASA, said:

We heard excellent presentations today that are in line with SM ICG work priorities. We have an inspector competency and training project underway and this dialog provided great input. We hope to continue to work together in our efforts to improve aviation safety.

UPDATE December 2015: Seventh SMICG ‘Industry Day’ in Vancouver

The focus of this session was smaller aviation organisations.  Trevor Heryet, Executive Regional Director at the Transport Canada Pacific Region, welcomed participants saying:

SMS scalability is an ongoing challenge, whether in fixed or rotary wing organizations. Not everyone here is required to implement SMS and your participation is a show of good, collective leadership. You see the value of SMS and are implementing it voluntarily to benefit your organizations.

The materials from this session are linked below:

UPDATE June 2016: Eighth SMICG ‘Industry Day’ in Rome

The focus of this session was SMS in airworthiness organisations.  Topics included safety performance metrics research, human factors in maintenance, fatigue risk management and maintenance shift work patterns, the evolution of risk identification, monitoring, and assessment in design, manufacturing, and maintenance organizations, product conformance and its relationship to safety risk, the importance of interactive learning, cooperation between different types of airworthiness organizations, and varying perception of risk at different organizational levels.

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