UK CAA Release Crew Resource Management Videos

In an initiative to improve Crew Resource Management (CRM) in the industry the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has released a series of open-access training videos.  The CAA comment that:

The three case-study videos have been developed to highlight some of the main human factors concerns currently facing the aviation industry, such as ‘automation complacency’ and ineffective monitoring – both phenomena being the result of an over reliance on technology to the detriment of ‘hand flying’ skills.

The momentum behind the production of the videos, and the need for a new approach to CRM training in the commercial air transport sector in general, came from research carried out by a panel of senior CAA and airline flight instructors and examiners. Analysis of 250 accidents involving large public transport aircraft, for example, shows that 28% of fatal accidents worldwide include flight handling issues and 24% include inappropriate action by crew (see CAP1036, Global Fatal Accident Review). An airline’s CRM training is now therefore a vital part of its overall safety strategy.

The CRM panel’s full recommendations can be found at

The Videos

1) Getting Out of Trouble: Multi Pilot CRM

A reconstruction of an actual incident where a malfunction forced the crew of a large helicopter to divert to an unfamiliar airfield. Autopilot mode confusion during the glidescope capture results in loss of control a breakdown in collective situation awareness.

2) Getting Behind the Aircraft: Single Pilot CRM

In a fictional incident poor pre flight planning results in missing a NOTAM regarding unserviceable glideslope. Distracted the business jet pilot then misses cues from ATIS, other aircraft and ATC and finds himself getting behind the aircraft. Committed to make a meeting a rushed steep descent almost ends in catastrophe.

3) Getting Down to Root Causes: Assessment of CRM

Based on the reconstruction of an actual Line Orientated Evaulation (LOE) this video shows how human behaviour can be identified. The first briefing reveals knowledge differences between the FO and Captain while poor monitoring by the crew almost causes a stall.

Bristow Group, FlightSafety International and Thomas Cook Airlines supported the production of these videos. Versions without captions or interviews (suitable for use in training discussions) can be found on the CAA YouTube channel.

UPDATE 9 January 2017: HeliOffshore have released a HeliOffshore Automation Guidance document and six videos to demonstrate the offshore helicopter industry’s recommended practice for the use of automation.

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