UK Military Aviation Authority Notice of Proposed Amendment on Remotely Piloted Air Systems

The UK MAA has issued an NPA as part of the consultation on a change to the MAA Regulatory Publications (MRPs) to cover the better integration of RPAS.  The MAA introduce the NPA as follows:

The aim of the review of RPAS regulations is to ‘normalise’ the regulation of RPAS in the MAA Regulatory Publications (MRP) in order to create a more proportionate regulatory regime. The scope of the review is to address the accuracy, relevancy and coherency of extant regulation. Particular attention has been paid to the utility of implementing a classification framework for the regulation of RPAS and of determining the regulations which would be appropriate/applicable to each classification based on a determination of the likely Risk to Life (RtL) posed. Where duplication, omission, incoherence, ambiguity or unnecessary regulatory requirements were identified in the MRP, the relevant RAs [Regulatory Articles] have been amended, consolidated or new regulation introduced.

The classification framework, which is considers both weight and both aggravating and mitigating factors is of particular note:

Proposed RPAS Classification Framework (Credit: NAA)

Proposed RPAS Classification Framework (Credit: MAA)

The NPA can be found here: npa_14_14_combined.  It is open for comment until 26 November 2014.

UPDATE: The final results went live on 19 January 2015:

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