UK Offshore Helicopter Safety Action Group (OHSAG) April 2015 Minutes

The UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has just published the minutes of the 28 April 2015 meeting of the Offshore Helicopter Safety Action Group (OHSAG), the second of the year.

The OHSAG was formed as a result of the ‘Civil Aviation Authority Safety Review of Offshore Public Transport Helicopter Operations in Support of the Exploitation of Oil and Gas’ (CAP1145).

Among the items of note:

  1. A Feedback Report on the OHSAG, produced by management consultancy Socia, was discussed.  Their recommendations are not recorded.
  2. CAA gave a presentation on proposals on Recommendation R8 of CAP 1145 following receipt of the Normally Unattended Installation (NUI) Firefighting Protection report produced by Cranfield University. The CAA stated their proposals (not detailed in the minutes) “introduced a proportionate, collaborative and risk based solution to the recommendation” with the CAA stating they were keen to be pragmatic.  CAA took an action to “forward a copy of the report, CAA proposals, bow tie models and presentation to members of the group as soon as possible following the meeting”.
  3. CAA presented an update on the work done with the helicopter operators on bow tie models and the development of Safety Performance Indicators (SPIs).
  4. 50,000 workers had been measured as part of the initiate on passenger size and shape with their data entered into the Vantage POB system to aid seating next to appropriately sized exits.
  5. 82,000 passengers have had dry training on the use of EBS.
  6. The CAA have now identified a focal point for aircrew EBS.  However, it was reported that trials of aircrew EBS had not so far progressed as successfully as hoped.
  7. A press release regarding pilot training is being drafted by CAA.
  8. In relation to non-UK offshore operators operating in the CAA confirmed they “had spoken to the other NAAs involved, and had carried out a successful inspection with the operators involved”.
  9. The Irish Aviation Authority attended this meeting.
  10. The next meeting is scheduled 28 July 2015.

Aerossurance covered the January 2015 minutes here and attended a presentation this week by CAA to the Oil and Gas UK Aviation Seminar on the work or the OHSAG.


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