EASA North Sea Offshore Helicopter Operations Review

EASA North Sea Offshore Helicopter Operations Review

Today the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) open the sealed bids for a new research study, EASA.2015.HVP.01, entitled:

Helicopter North Sea Operations Management Current Practices Safety Review

EASA say:

Apart from analysis of past accidents and incidents, the need of more detailed and systematic analysis of the practices employed by the different operators / industry / regulator/ authorities was identified as a means to identify long-term safety improvements and promote harmonisation.

They say the study:

…is to identify, review and analyse the current practices for offshore helicopter operations namely amongst the North Sea offshore operators. The study is to be conducted in parallel to research and new developments by manufacturers, operators, oil and gas producers, regulators and authorities with regard to transport performances, safety, survivability or automation and needs to encompass the main root causes of past accidents and incidents in the North Sea. The main objective of the study is the development of a comprehensive knowledge base of current practices for helicopter off-shore operations developed in response to the different safety hazards, their respective benefits and constraints as well as the identification of a set of good/best-practices with potential for widespread application.

EASA anticipate that the report will be used as “reference in the development of the flight planning, operational procedures, working methods and training programs” with practises potentially being used within the Safety Management Systems of operators and others. The study involves:

  1. A review of previously published reports
  2. An operational and safety data review
  3. Interviews with key stakeholders
  4. Two workshops with key stakeholders

EASA intend to award the contract in August 2015.  The project is expected to last 12 months. Aerossurance May 2015

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