‘Heir Force One’ – Second Helicopter for the Royal Family

‘Heir Force One’ – Second Helicopter for the Royal Family

The British tabloids have finally caught up with regular users of the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA)  G-INFO Database and spotted that the Royal Family is leasing a second helicopter (AgustaWestland A109S G-XXEC).

G-XXEC (Credit: Whirlybirds)

The aircraft, to be based at RAF Odiham, joins Sikorsky S-76C++ G-XXEB, itself chartered in 2009 to replace G-XXEA, which replaced RAF Westland Wessex in 2001.

G-XXEB (Credit: via UK CAA)

G-XXEB (Credit: via UK CAA)

According to reports, the Queen has leased the helicopter because it is thought to be safer to operate another aircraft on long-term lease rather than several on ad hoc charters.

The press are speculating that the aircraft will be regularly used by the Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, himself a former RAF Search and Rescue pilot, leading to snappy headlines about Heir Force One.

For more background see: https://www.royal.gov.uk/TheRoyalHousehold/Transport/Royalairtravel.aspx

UPDATE October 2019: G-XXEC has been sold back to Leonardo.

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