OGP is now IOGP

The International Association of Oil & Gas Producers (known across the industry as OGP) has rebranded as IOGP to coincide with their 40th anniversary.


They say:

Over the past year we have been developing an updated brand for the International Association of Oil & Gas Producers.  Our aim from the start: to have an identity that better reflects our global role and the industry we serve.

 While the organization’s formal name remains unchanged, the look is very different.  Moreover our new abbreviation – which features an ‘I’ for ‘international’ – provides a fresh emphasis on our global remit as a trusted source of fact-based information and a credible advocate of the industry we serve.

While the colour scheme is more garish this clearly isn’t one of the most fundamental rebranding exercises.  Perhaps a little bizarrely the launch involved projecting the old and new logos on to the Tower of London (home of the crown jewels and historically a site of execution for traitors).

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