EDA Issue Revised EMAR 145

EDA Issue Revised EMAR 145

In 2008 the European Defence Agency (EDA), an intergovernmental Agency of the European Council, created a Military Airworthiness Authorities (MAWA) Forum to help harmonise the airworthiness requirements and processes of the EDA’s 27 Participating Member States (all EU states except Denmark).

European Defence Agency EDA

This resulted in the development of a series of European Military Airworthiness Requirements (EMARs).

The EMACC Handbook and its Relationship with the EMARs (Credit: EDA for this and subsequent graphics)

The EMARs (Credit: EDA)

In particular the EDA note:

It has been recognised, therefore, that there exists a unique opportunity to agree on an EU-wide harmonisation and unification strategy for military airworthiness.

On 4 October 2016 the EDA issued Edition 1.2 of EMAR 145, the EMAR for maintenance organisations:

These were:

Amended to consider EASA amendments M6-M7 and incorporation of the applicable elements of EASA Part M Subparts D & E and consistency with EMAR 66.

Each document includes both side bars and a comparison table to Edition 1.1.

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