EU Offshore Safety Directive – Oil & Gas UK Briefing

EU Offshore Safety Directive – Oil & Gas UK Briefing

The consultation period on the Department of Energy & Climate Change (DECC) / Health and Safety Executive (HSE) consultation document on draft UK regulations to implement the new EU Offshore Safety Directive has ended.  Trade body Oil & Gas UK say:

These changes are some of the most significant for safety and environmental regulation for many years. While there is much in the new regulatory framework that is familiar, there are also a number of important amendments.


Oil & Gas UK held an evening briefing on the topic in London on October 21 which included presentations from:

  1. Sam Boileau, Partner Environment & Safety at DentonsThe Legal Perspective
  2. Liz Hoskin, HSE Regulatory Liaison at Shell UK LimitedAn Operator’s Perspective

There is more on the timeline on the HSE website.

The papers from a February 2014 Oil & Gas UK seminar can be found here.

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