A320 Flown on After Damaging Heavy Landing

The Spainish air accident investigators, the CIAIAC (Investigación de accidentes e incidentes de aviación civil), released a preliminary report (in Spanish) on 28 June 2017 on an incident involving Germania Airbus A321-200 D-ASTP on 16 July 2016.  The aircraft was performing a flight from Düsseldorf to Fuerteventura, in the Canary Islands.

Germania Airbus A321-211 D-ASTP

Germania Airbus A321-211 D-ASTP

The crew commenced a go-around due to the approach becoming unstabilised but still touched down hard with vertical acceleration subsequently determined to have been 3.32G.  After the subsequent landing:

The crew performed an external check on the aircraft without encountering anomalies.  ThCommander established contact with the [operator's] maintenance control centre (MOC) in Germany, to request confirmation and support on the on interpretation of the automatic report issued by the aircraft with respect to the hard landing.

Its not clear what response (if any) was received as the CIAIAC go on:

Due to the absence of maintenance support at the Fuerteventura airport and, in the absence of a criterion on the meaning of landing report code ‘Hard’, the crew decided to make the return flight to Dusseldorf.

The aircraft departed with the return passengers aboard 83 minutes after landing.  Once in Düsseldorf the aircraft was removed from service for inspection.  The left hand Main Landing Gear (MLG) was found damaged and the right hand MLG also needed replacement.

The CIAIAC note the first report of an occurrence was only received by them on 30 August 2016, over 2 months after the incident.  Data that confirmed the touch down had been at 3.32G was only received in mid November 2016.

The CIAIAC say their investigative research is complete and the final report is due ‘shortly’.

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