Offshore Helicopter Safety Action Group (OHSAG)

The UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has published the minutes of the latest, 14 August 2014, meeting of the Offshore Helicopter Safety Action Group (OHSAG).  The OHSAG was formed as a result of the ‘Civil Aviation Authority Safety Review of Offshore Public Transport Helicopter Operations in Support of the Exploitation of Oil and Gas’ (known more conveniently by its report number: CAP1145).

Among the issues discussed was a list of the top 10 risks identified in a recent risk workshop (listed in no particular order):

  1. Aircraft Design + OEM Support
  2. Automation (the subject of a recent RAeS conference)
  3. Bow Deck Operations
  4. Fatigue
  5. Helideck Standards (obstacle collision/Fuel/HLO)
  6. Night Operations to Helidecks
  7. Oil + Gas Intrusion (Inc. Commercial Pressure)
  8. Ops to NUIs
  9. Training + Experience
  10. Weather (Inc. Lightning, Weather Information, Visibility)

In a discussion on customer audits the CAA mentioned their move to Performance Based Regulation.

The minutes of the previous meetings:

Oil & Gas UK North Sea Helicopter Safety Breakfast Briefing

Oil & Gas UK will have a Breakfast Briefing “Safety in the North Sea – What is the future for our Helicopters?” in Aberdeen on 2 October 2014 with speakers from the CAA and the offshore helicopter operators.

The webcast videos are below:

Mark Swan, CAA

Panel 1

Panel 2

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