How do we Improve Human Performance in Today’s Aviation Business?

How do we Improve Human Performance in Today’s Aviation Business?: Aerossurance Supports 2017 HF in Aviation Safety Conference

Aerossurance is pleased to be supporting the annual Chartered Institute of Ergonomics & Human Factors’ (CIEHFHuman Factors in Aviation Safety Conference for the third year running.  We will be presenting for the second year running too.

This year the conference takes place 13 to 14 November 2017 at the Hilton London Gatwick Airport, UK with the theme: How do we improve human performance in today’s aviation business?


Aerossurance was keen to again support this excellent, independent, professional forum for discussion and exchanging of ideas on the latest research, development and application of Human Factors in Aviation Safety. The 2017 event will centre on five challenges in aviation safety human factors:

  1. How do we improve human performance in aviation systems?
  2. Are we managing fatigue in aviation?
  3. Is adaptive automation still a useful concept?
  4. Where are the human performance limits in remote operations (e.g. remote towers, drones)?
  5. Have maintenance human factors fallen off our agenda?

Aerossurance will be presenting the Maintenance Observation Programme concept and promoting the RAeS Human Factors Group: Engineering Listening and Learning project with a poster.

ciehf 2017

The format for the event has evolved with directed panel discussions following each section of papers.  The aim is to:

….answer the questions above…as well as identifying ways forward which will create a closer connection between industry needs and aviation human factors research, so that the net result will be improved human performance in aviation.

Aerossurance worked with the Flight Safety Foundation (FSF) to create a Maintenance Observation Program (MOP) requirement for their contractible BARSOHO offshore helicopter Safety Performance Requirements to help learning about routine maintenance and then to initiate safety improvements:


Aerossurance can provide practice guidance and specialist support to successfully implement a MOP.

We have previously discussed some of our thoughts, focused particular on airworthiness and maintenance matters here: Airworthiness Matters: Next Generation Maintenance Human Factors See also our LinkedIn Showcase on Maintenance Human Factors.

UPDATE 24 June 2018: B1900D Emergency Landing: Maintenance Standards & Practices  The TSB report posses many questions on the management and oversight of aircraft maintenance, competency and maintenance standards & practices. We look opportunities for forward thinking MROs to improve their maintenance standards and practices.

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