Misrouted Engine Fuel Control Cable Hawker 800XP

In Issue 4/2015 of TP 6980 – Canadian Aviation Service Difficulty Reports – Feedback an maintenance error involving a Hawker 800XP fuel control cable is reported:

During a planned major structural inspection, the technician noticed that the no.1 engine high-pressure fuel lever cable was trapped under the cover of the electrical junction box. The box straddles the area beneath the floor.

Misrouted Hawker 800KP Fuel Control Cable (Credit: via TC)

Misrouted Hawker 800KP Fuel Control Cable (Credit: via TC)

Luckily the cable was still able to move and function normally as there was only a slight cable deflection under a flexible plastic cover.

The cable was inspected, found to be serviceable with no apparent damage. The cable was properly re-routed above the junction box as per the maintenance manual requirements.

Transport Canada say:

The mis-routing of this control cable was done at either its last replacement or re-installation from a past maintenance check or snag rectification. As it is with any primary flight or engine control, an independent inspection and dual sign-off would have been required as stated in CAR standard 571.10, maintenance release.

Transport Canada Civil Aviation would like to advise all maintenance personnel that the inspection criteria includes an operational check and confirmation for correct assembly of the complete affected system.

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