Crossed Wires: Online Maintenance Human Factors Training Video

Crossed Wires: Online Maintenance Human Factors Training Video

In need of inspiration for your maintenance human factor continuation training?  Why not use this free CASA HF video?: ‘Crossed Wires’

The 8.5 minute video from 2013 portrays the incubation of an incident at the fictitious Perfect Twins maintenance organisation. CASA Maintenance HF Training Video As part of a workshop activity participants could note down the human performance influencing factors and risk inducing behaviours as they occur. CASA Maintenance HF Training Video Then discuss these as a group afterwards and consider what controls your organisation has (or hasn’t!) got in place. CASA Maintenance HF Training Video The video supports the CASA Safety Behaviours: Human Factors for Engineers resource kit that includes a detailed HF guide, facilitator’s guide and participant workbook, with other ideas to exploit the video. CASA Maintenance HF Training Video It can be followed by this, admittedly slightly idealistic, shorter video on how things could be at Perfect Twins Maintenance in which the maintenance manager in particular demonstrates safety awareness, safety leadership, improved communications skills and assertiveness: CASA Maintenance HF Training Video

Extra Maintenance Continuation Training Resources

For further inspiration see our articles:

There are also these free case studies, already used by other maintenance organisations for continuation training, you can discuss:

But don’t forget to discuss your own hazard and occurrence reports! Aerossurance worked with the Flight Safety Foundation (FSF) to create a Maintenance Observation Program (MOP) requirement for their contractible BARSOHO offshore helicopter Safety Performance Requirements to help learning about routine maintenance and then to initiate safety improvements: mop Aerossurance can provide practice guidance and specialist support to successfully implement a MOP.

UPDATE 24 June 2018: B1900D Emergency Landing: Maintenance Standards & Practices  The TSB report posses many questions on the management and oversight of aircraft maintenance, competency and maintenance standards & practices. We look opportunities for forward thinking MROs to improve their maintenance standards and practices.

Aerossurance will be presenting at EASA‘s 11th Rotorcraft Symposium on Cologne on 5 December 2017 on human centred design (HCD) for rotorcraft.  This presentation will be live streamed. easa logo

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