HeliOffshore Progress One Year On

We first reported on the plan to create HeliOffshore in June 2014.  HeliOffshore was formally launched on 21 October 2014 in London and held its first AGM and conference in Lisbon in May 2015.  When membership was opened up beyond helicopter operators in January 2015, Aerossurance is pleased to have been one of the first Alliance Members to join.

The organisation has recently issued a news bulletin on progress.  Articles include an update from CEO Gretchen Haskins, updates on HeliOffshore’s six priority workstreams, a welcome message for newly appointed Operations Director Francois Lassale and a report from Capt. John Black on Helitech 2015, which included supporting European Helicopter Association (EHA) and European Helicopter Safety Team (EHEST) events.


In a spirit if transparency, the audio from two all members conference calls held of 28 October 2015 has also been made publically available.  This session included briefings on three of the six current workstreams underway:

HeliOffshore CEO Gretchen Haskins has also recently been elected as a Board Member of the Flight Safety Foundation (FSF).

Haskins was recently interviewed by Energy Voice commenting:

The blame culture doesn’t work as well as the lesson learning culture.  HeliOffshore will do everything it can to ensure the lessons do get learned. People are willing to talk about the difficult stuff, act on it and improve safety.

What becomes crucial is the adoption of best practice so that we can standardise and improve the safety of global offshore operations.

The interest has been great from all sectors, operators big and small from all over the world, manufacturers, oil companies. Everyone is getting together, I’m very excited about how it is progressing.

UPDATE 22 May 2016: Offshore Helicopter Safety Performance: 2016 HeliOffshore Conference Report

UPDATE 21 May 2017: Deepening Delivery: HeliOffshore 2017 Conference Report

UPDATE 13 May 2018: Delivering Our Priorities: HeliOffshore 2018 Conference Report

UPDATE 8 May 2022: HeliOffshore 2022 Conference Review

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